Migraine and SNRA™ by Dr. Norman Narchi M.D.
Mycratine™ (SNRA™) is a process-patented, fast-acting, homeopathic complex formula that facilitates activation of nerve cell receptors to raise and correct the imbalance of neurotransmitters (in particular, serotonin), in the brain.
Mycratine™ does not contain any pain-relieving medication; it is a homeopathic liquid shot that stimulates multiple nicotinic acetylcholine receptor sites and raises the neurotransmitter pool.

Mycratine™ Migraine Relief : Real People. Real Results.
We at Nico Worldwide are passionate about fighting the debilitating disease of migraine headaches and we are very excited to share Mycratine™ with you. We've seen the difference it's made in people's lives and we'd like to share that with you.
Mycratine™: Real People. Real Results.
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